Hi, my name is Filippo Bigarella. I study Computer Science in Italy.
I'm passionate about security and I like writing (and breaking) software for iOS and OS X.

You can email me at filippo@filippobiga.com.
This is my PGP key. Fingerprint:
6968 57FC E5AE F0AE AF5F BA66 F2C9 3318 01A3 79A5

Sometimes, I write on my blog.

Cydia I've been making Cydia tweaks since 2010. Among others, you may have heard about CleverPin, PasswordPilot or Springtomize (also, on Facebook).

Podcasting Along with Luca, I co-host a podcast called TechMind on the Italian network EasyPodcast. We try to explain complex technological topics to everyone.

Security I like anything related to software security, including (but not limited to) writing secure software, implementing security measures and looking for vulnerabilities. These are some of the ones that I've found: CVE-2014-1271, CVE-2015-5843, CVE-2015-5844, CVE-2015-5845, CVE-2015-5846, CVE-2015-5847, CVE-2015-5848, CVE-2015-5932.